Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Review

I just had to do a review for this lip balm. I purchased the Nivea Lip Butter in the raspberry rose version and I have fallen in with the smell. Not only that, it is nourishing for your lips and adds a lovely baby pink tint. It can also be a perfect addition to your make-up look. I have been applying this product every hour since I bought it, just because I find the scent oh so yummy.


Quality: This product is nourishing for your lips. I wouldn’t recommend it if your lips are extremely dry. It has a nice milky texture and is easy to apply. It isn’t sticky like many other products I have tried and it doesn’t leave your lips looking oily, making it suitable for daily use. I have used other lip balms which look oily after application making them, in my opinion, more suitable for application before bed. The container is pretty and easy to open. For the quality it is a very reasonable price.

Price: €3.09

Rating: 8/10

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