Caring for Your Curly Mane – Tips for Rocking Those Natural Curls!


curly-791372_1280I was born with a head of naturally curly hair. Along the way, I have picked up some tips and tricks which allow me to wear my hair naturally, without having to reach for the straighteners.

Many girls with natural curls straighten their hair everyday, as a quick fix solution to their styling problems. Curly hair can’t be treated in the same way as those naturally born with straight hair. If you stick to a styling routine that’s tried and adjusted to your own hair type and follow a few basic rules, you will have the option to rock those natural curls!

Here’s my tried and tested list of things you should follow:

  1. Throw away your brushes: If you use a brush on your hair will end up with a frizzy mess. Instead use a wide tooth comb as it will retain the natural shape of the natural curls.
  2. Comb your hair whilst wet: Combing dry hair will lead to unnecessary breakage and damage. Instead comb your hair straight after washing or in the shower while it still has conditioner in it.
  3. Hair mask: Put moisture back in your hair by using a hair mask at least once a week before washing. DIY hair masks using natural oils such as coconut and almond oil work just as good as store bought products.
  4. Go sulphate free: Some recommend not using shampoo at all and using conditioner only. If you can’t go without shampooing your hair choose a shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate free. I recently switched to the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner and I am seeing an improvement in the appearance of my hair. Sulphates are drying to curly hair and the one thing that curly hair can’t do without is moisture, moisture, moisture!
  5. Do not wash everyday: Washing curly hair more than twice a week is not an option for most curly haired girls as it is very drying for the hair. In between washes, use dry shampoo to freshen your scalp. If you don’t want to buy dry shampoo you can use talcum powder instead. This works just as well. Curly hair doesn’t get oily as quickly as straight hair so washing everyday is not a must. This means you will be saved the hassle in the mornings from having to wash your hair and you will have more time for the more important stuff – like sleep!
  6. Hands off: Now this one may be difficult at first but it’s so worth it! After you are finished styling your hair and it is fully dry, refrain from touching your locks. Touching your hair messes with its metabolism and leads to unwanted frizz.
  7. Microfibre towel: Throw away your bath towel and switch to a micro fibre cloth for towel drying your hair. Cotton towels cause unnecessary friction while microfibre towels are more gentle on your hair. If you don’t want to buy a towel you can use a cotton t-shirt instead.
  8. Switch to stain/silk pillowcase: Cotton pillowcases are drying for your hair and cause friction when tossing and turning during the night. Instead buy a satin or a silk pillowcase. Hair guides smoothly on silk/satin reducing friction. Sleeping on silk also has benefits for your skin. It reduces wrinkles and your face will feel more moisturised in the morning. Not only that it will make you feel like you are sleeping in luxury!
  9. Pineapling: Curly hair should be tied while sleeping as tossing and turning will cause the curls to loose their natural shape. To preserve curls try the pineappling technique. Just tie your hair in a loose ponytail at the very top of your head – easy! Your curls will stay preserved throughout the night. You can also tie your hair in a braid which works well too.
  10. Stay away from heat: Try to air dry your hair as much as possible as heat is damaging to hair. If your on the go and you must dry your hair you can use a diffuser but make sure to use a very low heat setting.

Now you know some of the basic tips for caring for your curly mane. If you follow them you should see a huge difference in the appearance of your hair. I hope you will now have some motivation to throw away those straighteners for good and embrace your natural beauty!

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