The True Cost – Highlights the Impact of Fashion


Graphics_3322469aHi all. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I just finished watching the documentary The True Cost on Netflix. I have heard stories from the media of the conditions of factory workers in underdeveloped countries, but I have never seen it covered in as much detail as it was here. As soon as I pressed the pause button towards the end of the credits, my first thought was I must write a blog post and encourage others to watch it. If you have not seen it already, I highly recommend it, as it was a huge eye opener for me into the clothing industry.

The documentary shows the stark reality that those in developing countries go through, to produce the clothes that many of us in western countries wear everyday and now treat as disposable items. Not only that it highlights the dreadful impact it is having on our environment. All the suffering and damage is due one reason only – profits.

I will not say anymore as I would like you all to watch it. I know now that I will probably not buy another item of clothing without thinking first about where it came from!

Have you seen the documentary? What were your thoughts?


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