The Body Shop – Honeymania Body Butter Review


Hi everyone!

Gosh it’s been a while! I took a break from the blogging, as I’ve been extremely busy lately, but I’m glad to be getting back into it. Today I am reviewing the Honeymania Body Butter from The Body Shop. I’ve been using this body butter on a daily basis.

So let’s get into it 🙂

Packaging and Price: The body butter comes in a 200ml tub. Although some people may prefer a tube for hygiene reasons, it is very travel friendly and can now also be purchased in 50ml. It is priced at €20.95.

Scent: The scent is just divine. It is sweet with a hint of honey. It’s not overpowering and lasts for hours after application. Applying this after my morning shower makes me feel pampered and ready for the day.

Texture: It is thick, creamy and very moisturising. If you have dry skin, I recommend giving this a try. It will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. My skin is usually quite dry after showering so this definitely helps with that. It’s not greasy or oily, even after heavy application and soaks into the skin very quickly.

Would I recommend? Definitely yes! My overall rating – 9/10. I can’t get enough of this body butter. They also do an eau de toilette in the same scent, which I would love to try to lock in that gorgeous scent.

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments box below and thanks for stopping by!



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