Comparing Hand Creams – The Body Shop Vs Penneys


When I was strolling through Penneys (Primark if you’re not in Ireland), I had a quick look through their beauty range for the first time and spotted their hand moisturizers. They looked similar to the hand creams in The Body Shop with the black lid and metallic packaging. You can never have too many hand creams, so I decided to pick one up as it was super cheap and today I am doing a comparison of the two.

PS Cocoa Butter Softening Moisturizing Hand Cream

The cocoa butter scented hand cream by PS feels light and sinks into the skin quickly. It smells pleasant and is not overpowering. I needed a bit more of the cream to fully coat my skin. Due to it’s small size it can be carried around in your purse for use on the go, or kept in your desk drawer at work. It is super cheap at €1.50 and comes in a 30ml tube. It made my skin feel noticeably softer after use and kept my dry skin at bay.

The Body Shop – Honeymania Hand Cream

I’m a huge fan of the Honeymania body butter so I just had to pick the hand cream in the same scent. It is very pleasant but a lot stronger and lingers more than the PS cream. The texture is heavier and takes a bit longer to sink into the skin. It also comes in a 30ml and is priced at €6.50. It did a good job of moisturizing my skin and keeping it soft throughout the day.

Overall, I think the two creams are comparable. If you are looking for a cheaper product, I recommend the PS hand cream. However if it is the stronger scent you are after, then The Body Shop cream is the one to go for. 

Did you find this review helpful? I hope so! Please let me know if you have tried either of these products in the comments box below. Thanks for stopping by!

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