Using Hair Oils as Part of a Hair Care Regime


Hi all! In today’s post I will be discussing how I use oils regularly as part of my hair care regime. Being a curly fine haired girl, my hair is in constant need of moisture and natural oils are a great source for this! Oils however are beneficial no matter what your hair type – straight, curly, wavy, fine, medium or thick.

There are many different oils that can be used to treat your hair. But keep in mind the outcome of using oils is different to each individual. What works on my hair may not necessarily work on yours! It’s about finding what works for you. My tried and tested favourite oils are coconut, sweet almond and olive oil.

Coconut oil – it is a great all round addition to a beauty regime. You can check out a post I did on its many different uses here:  Coconut Oil – A Great Addition to Your Beauty Collection. I apply it to my hair 10 minutes before washing. It helps to restore moisture and protect it from damage caused by washing.

Almond oil – I find almond oil is great for protecting against damage from styling, harsh weather and everyday life in general! It also contains vitamins that encourage hair growth and create shine. I also apply this to the length of my hair before washing.

Olive oil – Shampoos tend to be very drying for my scalp so applying this keeps the tight dry feeling on my scalp at bay. By rubbing this directly on the scalp the vitamin E it is in high in puts moisture back into my scalp.

Do you use oils on your hair? What are your favourites to use? Let me know in the comments box below!


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