How Pilates Can Benefit Your Body

I have been practicing Pilates regularly for a long while now. In this post I will explain the benefits it brings. I normally go to my local gym where they have 45 minute classes available, but if I don’t make it to the gym, I’ll take 10-15 minutes out to workout at home 🙂

Strength: Pilates hits your core while stretching and lengthening muscles you never even knew you had! The great thing about pilates is you don’t necessarily need extra equipment for a lot of the exercises, as your natural body weight is used to strengthen your muscles throughout the workout.

Increased stamina: It improves your stamina in general and strengthens the muscles along your spine, also increasing endurance for other workouts.

Flexibility: Your flexibility improves through the muscle lengthening process of the exercises.

Muscle tone: Pilates improves your muscle tone without the added bulk. I have noticed my clothes wear better and I put this down to better muscle tone!

Body awareness: It helps you to be more aware of how your body moves as you go about your day.

Stress relief: It helps to reduce tension in the muscles, particularly around the neck where tension is felt the most. It will help you reduce pent-up stress.

Energy levels improves: After a few Pilates sessions in gym, I started to notice my energy levels go up. Now I don’t feel as tired after a strenuous day at work or a hectic day in general.

These are only some of the benefits that I have personally noticed through doing Pilates – there are many more! So what are you waiting for? Give it a try if you haven’t already as you may end up loving it! With classes easily available at your local gym or a range of videos available online to work through at home – there’s absolutely no excuse!

Apologies for being inactive lately, I’ve been extremely busy and blogging got pushed to the side, but I will to try to be more frequent with the posts. I’ve missed blogging lately!

Thanks for stopping by and as always let me know your thoughts in the comments box!


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