Shea Moisture – Curl & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner


I am loving the Shea Moisture range, I just wish I had tried these products sooner! I was so pleased with their Gel Souffle that I gave their shampoo and conditioner a try.

Product claims:

Shampoo – Gently cleanses, hydrates and detangles hair for bouncy and healthy curls. 

Conditioner – This lightweight, daily conditioner restores and smoothes dry hair cuticles. No more knots, snarls and tangles. Tames frizz as it defines and enhances curls.

Key Ingredients:

Coconut oil – Hydrates and protects hair while reducing breakage.

Silk protein – Smoothes hair for a soft, silky feel.

Neem oil – Controls frizz while adding brilliant shine.

In addition, they are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil, synthetic oil.


I have noticed an improvement in the health and texture of my hair. This is probably down to the presence of natural oils such as coconut and neem oil. Normally, when I try a new shampoo or conditioner it takes a few washes for my hair to properly adjust, but not with this! After the first use my curls were noticeably more defined, bouncy and softer.

An added bonus is, I find myself needing less styling products after washing – I’m guessing this is down to the natural ingredients? The shampoo is priced at €17.99 and conditioner at €14.99 but they’re on offer at the moment in Boots so hurry if you’re interested!

It’s scent is light and pleasant but doesn’t linger for very long – a small con I can live with 🙂

All in all I recommend and can see myself repurchasing. 

Have you tried the Shea Moisture range? Let me know you thoughts in the comments box and thanks for stopping by!

If you’re interested you can check out my review of the Shea Moisture Gel Souffle here.




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